What is AJT?

AJT Learning is an online learning portal for children, students, teachers, parents, tutors and schools providing a comprehensive educational subjects of Mathematics, English and Science with practical solutions covering all topics, modules and syllables for levels.

Our system covers every single subject’s topic exclusively in volume series giving direct solutions and methods to learners, which will not only strengthen weak foundation to excel in their exams but also learn to face and tackle daily challenges.

Our team of dedicated staffs have carefully prepared questions in combined form to improve the learning method of resolving problems with the mind. It not only teaches you how to solve questions, but also improves your problem solving skills and techniques in the most efficient way.


What you will benefit as a Subscriber!



Uncover more than 1,000 unique and challenging hidden skills to master.


Growing number of challenging questions and access to new series released periodically.


Real exam format styled questions. Do your own working in workspace. Solutions provided in steps



Indentifying and applying words that contain vowels in making a sentence perfect.


Finding and guessing the appropriate words that are missing in a sentence.


Matching nouns, verbs and phrases that have similar or opposite meaning.


Learn about living things in a habitat and their relationship with decomposers.


Learn about nature, system, cycle, global warming and their effects on living things.


Learn to identify and classify different types of insects, animals, birds and mammals.