One of the most interesting idea of solving maths and science problems is by applying formulas to them whenever possible.

Remembering the formulas and knowing when to apply them for the right problems will give students a greater advantage.

Some of the formulas and properties for certain topics.

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Frequency and Time relationship

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Knowing the time, one can simplify get the frequency value. For example: For 10secs, the frequency will be 1/10 = 0.1Hz & vise versa. This is the easiest Formula to remember.

Speed of light in Vacuum

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E = MC2 C --> Speed of light in Vacuum = (3 x 10e8) m/s EG: For a 5kg object, what is the energy it has? E --> MC2 E --> 5kg x (3 x 10e8) m/s = 1 500 000 000 Joules OR = (1.5 x 10e9) Joules

Lines must be in parallel lines

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For the corresponding, alternate and opposite angles to be applied, the lines must be in parallel lines before we can apply them.

Helpful formulas

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Helpful formulas. Force of Gravity.--> Neuton (N/kg)

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